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The proprietary design of the WT-6001-MW shower pipes provide 100% coverage of the sector and filter material 100% of the time.


Oscillating (sway bar) style shower systems physically cannot  provide this crucial coverage to allow the filter to self clean.  


Since both the disc and shower are moving in opposing directions, it is impossible to set the timing to cover 100%.  The spray nozzles on the oscillating pipes can only "cut" a small path of a random area of the sector passing through.  This allows residual fibers to cling to the filter material when re-entering the filter vat.   Over time this will lead to fouling and plugging of the mesh and sector.  


WT-6011-MW showers are available for all machines, either as a retro-fit pipe, or as a complete system with new header.

WT-6011-MW vs. Oscillating Cleaning Showers

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